Sunday, November 27, 2005

HB 3031 Amendment to the Children's Mental Health Act of 2003

I've just added this bill into the sidebar. My mother found a letter to the editor in the Springfield State Journal Register about this bill. She read it aloud to me and then sent me a hard copy. I hope to contact the author and be able to reprint the letter here.

The author of the letter was very concerned that the new bill, which is intended to fix some problems with the 2003 Children's Mental Health Act would not be effective. The bill calls for a parental consent provision. This needs looked at closely. I've read about cases where sending the child to school was considered consent. In some cases, a parent is considered to consent unless they send a note saying they do not consent. Unfortunately, parental notification about these things so parents can opt out tends to minimal.

Hopefully, I'll have more information next week.

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