Thursday, November 17, 2005

First Language Lessons

I looked at this book for a well over a year on the bookshelf at my neighborhood bookstore. I really like the Story of the World and the Well-Trained Mind but I wasn't sure I would use this resource. I'm just not into "scripted" lessons.

After trying many other resources for my oldest son, I decided to go ahead and give it a try. The local bookstore gives a 25% discount to educators and I'd taken much more expensive risks in the past. I've been very pleased with how it has worked out. I actually own two copies now because I've been known to misplace First Language Lessons and it makes me crazy when we get off track.

I tend to not use the script word for word. I do cover the content in the lessons. I've been amazed at how quickly my son memorizes the poetry and I've been very pleased with the selections. My son has a lot of trouble writing and he retains the oral lessons well. I read in the back of the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading that a second book will be coming out and I'm very pleased about that. We're into the second grade content now and it was well worth the price for just one year of English.

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