Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Interesting Timing for This Military Blurb

Army plan uses incentives to meet recruit goals
From the AP

WASHINGTON – The Army has a master plan for recovering from this year’s painful recruiting problems that includes new financial incentives for enlistees, greater use of computers, a new way for recruiters to make their pitch and a proposed finder’s fee for soldiers who refer recruits.
The plan was assembled after Army recruiting began falling severely short of goals. The Pentagon announced Tuesday that for the year that ended Sept. 30, the Army was 6,627 recruits short of its goal of 80,000. It was the Army’s first shortfall since 1999 and its largest in 26 years.

Sounds like the Amway program. Greater use of computers? Do they get to take one home and send it back when they're done too?

Here's what caught my eye and was a bit surprising since homeschoolers are usually overlooked for so many issues.
• Put more effort into recruiting people who have begun their college careers but not yet earned a degree, on the assumption that some would be interested in taking a hiatus to try military service. Also, target those of high school age who are being home schooled – a potential market the Army has largely ignored.
But here homeschoolers are noted (our little bitty homeschooling minority) in a military issue. Amazing that AP would be rubbing shoulders with HSLDA? Could it be?
Five ways to get recruits and somehow homeschoolers are one of them.

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