Friday, October 07, 2005

Magical Mystery Tour

Or Great and Spontaneous Homeschooling Moments

Last week we went with other homeschooling friends to the freebie noon lobby concert that was fantastic, as usual. The day before, we had already been treated to a morning concert by the great Blues man Taj Mahal during the Wall to Wall Guitar Festival happenings on campus. A total of $13. 50 for three of us to hear Blues in the Morning. Great stuff!

When I was looking at the festival schedule online, I saw that there was a bus that was going to be parked outside the Center that looked interesting. The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. We planned accordingly to stop by there and see what's what. And we're so glad we did. And we so wished we'd known to schedule a session with them and the local homeschoolers. Next time! (My friend's and my only concern was that we moms really, really wanted to do the recording session too. )

And they have a songwriting contest going on for any budding songwriters out there. Wouldn't be the first time a homeschooler won a contest (slight understatement).

Across the street on the other side was the Spurlock Museum that we'll be visiting later this month to check out the Balinese exhibit.

Opportunities are endless in homeschooling. In this case, wherever we looked, we were falling into wonderful experiences for our family. Actually, it's hard not to find learning adventures. People always tell me that they could never homeschool because it's too difficult. They have no idea how darn easy it can be.

Glad I finally got this written up because it reminds me that I wanted to get that John Hasbrouck cd.

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