Thursday, September 29, 2005

"On Trying To Fix What Ain't Broke"

Federal bills of HR 3753 / S 1691 are laid out in 4 committees in DC right now. Finance in the Senate for S 1691. Ways and Means, Education and Workforce, and the Armed Forces Committees in the House for HR 3753.

The Committee and contact information is linked on Kara's blog in the right sidebar:

This post highlights some of the issues that Illinois homeschoolers should consider regarding this bill:

It ends with the reminder of Harvey Bluedorn's piece called:

On Trying To Fix What Ain't Broke

His editorial was written the last time it was attempted to bring "home school" into legislation affecting Illinois homeschoolers.

OPINION -- The classic question of "Why try to fix it, if it ain't broke?" It has to be asked about current contemplations of legislative action with the expressed purpose of protect home schooling in Illinois.

Parental control over education is a basic constitutional principle and a fundamental right. It can be protected by legislation, but it cannot be made to rest upon legislation. If a fundamental right rests upon legislation, it then ceases to be a fundamental right, and it becomes a special "right" granted by the state.

If it is a special grant by the state, then it is also subject to the control of the state whenever the state - legislatively, administratively, or judicially - chooses.
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