Monday, September 26, 2005

More Info about the Military Section and Background

Publius posted some excellent information about the HSLDA connection and the military section in HR 3733/ S 1691.

Take a look. The 2000 article from Home Education Magazine's Larry and Susan Kaseman concerning surveys and the 5 year pilot program 'worked' by HSLDA with Congress is noted. This program appeared to have come about without input from the homeschooling community (again).

Please read the further comments clarifying more problems with this legislation. One of the problems is that the Home School Legal Defense Association has written itself into federal legislation.

This reminds me of Howard Richmond in PA that pushes for more restrictive legislation for homeschoolers because he makes money off the families with his "accreditation agency" .

From Section 10 (a newly written section):
`(5) The graduate has provided the Secretary concerned with a third-party verification letter of the graduate's home-school status by the Home School Legal Defense Association or a State or county home-school association or organization.'.

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