Monday, September 26, 2005

Desperate Homeschooling Housewife?

Just down the road (my pot holed, farm road) is Wisteria Lane in Bloomington. And on Wisteria Lane lives a homeschooling family:

If there is a Bree on Bloomington's Wisteria Lane, it's Janet Harman, neighbors say. The former model is a stay-at-home mom who home schools, has dinner on the table at 6 every night, fixes her own toilets and stashes four different colored feather dusters in her closet -- one for each of her children, who also are assigned color-coded bowls and towels. It's not that she's obsessive, just practical.

"If something's left on the floor, I know who's responsible," she said, with a laugh.

Although she doesn't watch much TV, she tunes into "Desperate Housewives."

"There aren't many shows I'd stop an hour to watch, but that's one I get a kick out of," she said.
Well! The only thing I've ever modeled is my elastic waistband maxi skirt that I made in 4-H. Dinner is served every night; at some point and in some fashion.

I fix our toilets too, in particular the water miser one. I have a plunger ready and waiting that has a cup that just so happens to be a color coordinated match to my bathroom decor.

We have different colored feather dusters......somewhere. And my siblings and I had our own colors too. I was red. Looking back, I wonder why I was red?! Might need to be counseled about that.

No desperate homeschooling wife here, and I suspect that Janet Harman isn't one either. That was quite a jolt seeing that article in our Sunday paper however.

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