Sunday, June 26, 2005

Homeschooling: It's not what you think

Wow! This article has pictures of homeschoolers having fun. They're not standing by the kitchen table with mom in her jumper and 6 dozen kids. Not that there's anything wrong with jumpers or 6 dozen kids (Ryans have at least half that many kids), but you get kinda tired of seeing that same picture with a different face every time a homeschooling article pops up.

From the article:
Homeschoolers, a friend said.

"Freaks," Erickson thought. "I just had it in my head that homeschoolers were women who make their own clothes and were out of the cultural norm."

Over 10 years ago, before I started homeschooling, I thought homeschoolers were Amish (and made their own clothes). Now I'm one of those freaks and loving it.
Glad they made a distinction between homeschooled and publicly financed education. This is a Florida based article and apparently they have every which way to educate their children.
"Homeschooling," said New York University sociologist Mitchell Stevens, "is a really creative way through a problem" in an American society "that hasn't figured out how to have women work and create a reasonable system of parenting." Homeschool parents, he said, "give up income and suspend a career aspiration for a while. But you get this kind of unstructured, unscheduled time with your kid, which is something that otherwise only really affluent people can do."

This sociologist has the real essence of homeschooling figured out. Having the unstructured, unscheduled time with your kid is a real joy.

Liked the article, loved the pictures. The little boy holding onto the electric ball dohickey (husband says that is a Van de Graaf Generator)reminds me of the U of I Physics Van visit our group had a couple of years ago.

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