Tuesday, May 31, 2005

World History Reading and Supplement List

This list is a compilation of what Kara and Naomi use for World History. You may ask yourself, “How did they afford all these books?” The simple answer is we went to a lot of sales: garage sales, library sales, homeschool used sales and Scholastic Warehouse Sales. Naomi does the Scholastic Book Orders for our homeschool group. Any homeschooler can independently do the Scholastic book orders. (Sounds like a future blog topic). We pays retail for almost nothing. We also use our educator discount at Barnes and Nobles, Borders Bookstore, Pages For All Ages, and the Book Wharehouse.

Arts, Crafts, and Activities
* 1-2-3 Draw Mystical Creatures by Freddie Levin (using for Volume 1)
* Pyramids: 50 Hands-On Activities to Explore Ancient Egypt
* Pyramids to Pueblos: 15 Pop-Up Models for Students to Make by Helen H. Moore and * Carmen R. Sorvillo
* National Geographic A Maze Adventure Secrets of the Pyramids
* History Pockets Ancient Civilizations by Evan Moor grades 1-3
* Make It Work! series by Andrew Haslam or Keith Branigan:
Ancient Egypt,
Old Japan,
Native Americans,
Arctic Peoples,
The Roman Empire
* Historical Connections in Mathematics series from AIMS by Reimer - Middle School through High School math biographies and activities
Jackdaw Publications
Historical Fiction and Non-fiction chapter books
*The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis Mcgraw
* The Trojan War by Olivia Coolidge
* The Kite Fighters by Linda Sue Park
* Mara, Daughter of the Nile
* Detectives in Togas by Henry Winterfield
* The Mystery of the Roman Ransom by Henry Winterfield
* Child of the Owl by Lawrence Yep
* The Master Puppeteer by Katherine Paterson
* The Time Warp Trio Series by Jon Scieszka
* The Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne
* Daughter of Venice by Donna Jo Napoli
* Secret of the Andes by Ann Nolan Clark
* Adventures of the Greek Heroes (Chapter Book level) by Molly McLean & Anne Wiseman

Early Readers and Picture Books* Mummies Made in Egypt by Aliki
* Pompeii… Buried Alive by Edith Kunhardt Step Into Reading Step 3
* Archaeologists Dig for Clues by Kate Duke
* The Trojan Horse by Emily Little Step Into Reading Step 4
* Ms. Frizzle’s Adventure Ancient Egypt by Joanna Cole
* Ms. Frizzle’s Adventure Medieval Castle by Joanna Cole
* Richard Scarry’s Best History of the World Ever
* Usborne Starting Point History
What Were Castles For?
Who Were the First North Americans?
Who Were the Vikings?
Who Were the Romans?
Who Built the Pyramids?
* I Wonder Why Castles Had Moats and Other Questions About Long Ago

Encyclopedias and Non-fiction
* The Usborne Book of World History
* The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
* The Complete Book of World History Grades 4-8 (Sam’s Club $5.70)
* Eyewitness Books Mummy
* Egyptology Search for the Tomb of Osiris
* Usborne World History Ancient World
* Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of the Ancient World
* Usborne World History Medieval World
* Usborne World History The Last 500 Years
* Usborne Illustrated Atlas of World History
* Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World Religions
* Usborne Greek Myths for Young Children
* Usborne Scientist Archaeology
* Usborne Illustrated World History The Romans
* Usborne Internet-Linked Greeks
* Usborne Time Travelers: Rome & Romans, Pyramids & Pharoahs, Vikings (Teacher's Guide available)
* Castles A First Discovery Book by Scholastic
* How Children Lived A First Book of History
* Mystery History of a Viking Longboat by Fred Finney
* The _____ News series by Philip Steele from Candlewick Press:
* Tales Mummies Tell by Patricia Lauber
* Lost Temple of the Aztecs by Shelley Tanaka
* Buried City of Pompeii by Shelley Tanaka
* How Would You Survive as an Aztec? by Fiona Macdonald
* How Would You Survive as a Viking? by Fiona Macdonald
* Traveler’s Guide to Ancient Greece by Fiona Macdonald / Mike Foster
* Traveler’s Guide to Ancient Rome by Fiona Macdonald / Mike Foster
* DK Eyewitness Books:
Ancient China,
Ancient Egypt,
Ancient Greece,
Ancient Rome,
North American Indian,
Mythology and Legends
* The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus by Aliki
* Favorite Greek Myths Retold by Mary Pope Osborne
* Favorite Norse Myths by Mary Pope Osborne
* D’Aulaire’s Book of Norse Gods and Goddesses by Ingri & Parin D’Aulaire
* D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths by Ingri & Parin D’Aulaire
* Songs Upon the Harp by Marie Heaney
* Confucius: The Golden Rule by Russell Freedman
* The Iliad retold by Nick McCarty
* The Odyssey by Robin Lister
* Tales from the Odyssey series by Mary Pope Osborne
David Macaulay Architecture Books
* City by David Macaulay
* Castle by David Macaulay
* Pyramid by David Macaulay
* Cathedral by David Macaulay
* Kids Discover:
The Maya
Ancient Egypt
7 Wonders of the World
Ancient India

If you would like a copy of this list in word email us at homeschoolillinois [at] insightbb [dot] com and we would be happy to send it to you.

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