Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Family Game Night

We've been trying to get back to playing at least one game with the kids at night. I am destined to always lose, as I play one game with the older kids while I play Bob the Builder Memory with one of the younger boys. We play a lot of Gamewright Games. Our latest purchase is Loot, the plundering pirate card game. It's working fairly well for our 7 - 12 year old kids. Most Gamewright games have the distinction of being entertaining even for the adults. That's a definite bonus for family game night. They also teach a lot of skills.

Rat a Tat Cat teaches early math (addition, maybe subtraction) and helps with memory skills. We started playing when my oldest was 5 before she could count very high. The object is to get the lowest number. She used to set up her bear counters to figure out what her score was. When her math skills improved we moved on to Frog Juice (not for those who have a problem with magic). Slamwich was great for improving the kids attention span. You have to pay attention all the time to earn the pile. (do not play with someone with long finger nails). When my daughter was older we bought Horse Show. It's for ages eight and up and requires more strategy. We own many more of these games.

What's your favorite game?

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