Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lift Off


During their mission, the STS-114 astronauts will test out a suite of new tools and methods of on-orbit inspection and repair of their spacecraft. They will also deliver a vital cargo shipment to the ISS, including a spare gyroscope that Noguchi and Robinson will install during their second of three planned spacewalks.

“This flight is important for NASA…it’s the first step in getting back to flying the shuttle and building the International Space Station,” NASA astronaut Nicholas Patrick told SPACE.com. “But for me personally, it’s very important because I’m looking.

Patrick is assigned to the crew of Discovery’s STS-116 flight, where he will be in charge with directing the robotic arm and the added 50-foot (15-meter) orbital inspection boom that the STS-114 mission will test out. Today’s spaceflight is also geared at testing potential repair techniques for shuttle tiles and heat-resistant panels, and resupplying the ISS.
Remember kids, playing with Legos and Robotics will get you everywhere so you can play as an adult, too.

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