Sunday, July 24, 2005

Christopher Paolini New Book Tour

Heads Up:
In Illinois: Tuesday, September 6th at 7:00 pm Presented by Anderson’s Bookshop at: Naperville Central High School 440 Aurora Avenue Naperville, Illinois

Pretty cool story about Christopher Paolini. An excerpt about his reading/writing journey.

How was I able to accomplish all this? Let me tell you a story:"I hate to read!" cried the little boy obstinately. "I don’t see why I have to learn this, I’m never going to use it." That’s what I said nearly fifteen years ago when Mom was teaching me how to read. Back then I knew that reading wasn’t part of my world and I knew that it was just a waste of time. Mom was patient, though, and carefully guided me until I could read simple words. Then she took me to the library.
It’s easy to write those words now, but they cannot convey how that single event changed my life. In the library, hidden in the children’s section, was a series of short mystery novels. Attracted by their covers, I took one home and read it eagerly. I discovered another world, peopled with interesting characters facing compelling situations. In fact, I still remember what the book was about; it involved tomato sauce being mistaken for blood! From then on, I’ve been in love with the written word. Instead of toys, my room is filled with books. They’re piled under my bed, on the floor, by my pillow, and overflow into the rest of the house. When we go into town, the only places I want to visit are the libraries, bookstores, and occasionally an art museum.

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