Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Cost of Universal Access to Quality Preschool in Illinois: A Report to Gov. George H. Ryan's Task Force on Universal Access to Preschool

After very minimal research I found out that the State of Illinois has already looked into universal preschool. The title will take you to the report where you can read the report completed in 2003. It was highly enlightening. I didn't believe the current Governor's price tag for Preschool for All. This report has confirmed my suspicions. Under the plan looked at the Universal Preschool would be phased in over 10 years, serving 10% more of the target population each year. If the program was implemented over the ten year period at completion, in the year 2012, the price tag was estimated to be 440.8 million dollars. So, if the Governor's program is serving "all" as suggested, then how could they do it for 135 million over 3 years? I'll let people read the report and come to their own conclusions.

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