Wednesday, August 31, 2005

ABC Covers Homeschooling

With a big, meaty piece covering several different profiles of homeschoolers.

What Does 'Back to School' Mean for Home-Schoolers?
Many Who Teach Their Kids at Home Say They Aren't Missing Out

Complete story at ABC News

Here's a quote from the self described 'homeschooling expert'. (He studies us.)

Dr. Michael Apple, a professor of educational policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who has studied home schooling extensively, says that secular home-schoolers like Knowles and her kids are a growing population, but still a tiny group.

But whether home-schoolers are evangelical Christian conservatives or secular and liberal, Apple believes home-schoolers are cutting themselves off from people with different beliefs and backgrounds.

Home-schooled kids, he says, are missing out on the more subtle lessons that public schools teach students about being American citizens and interacting in a diverse society.

"Public schools are important to democracy," Apple said. "They teach people how to work with others across political, religious, class and racial lines. It would be a disaster to give up on that."
Subtle lessons, my eye! He's not talking about learning the Constitution or the history of our country or anyone else's country let alone the abc's and one, two, threes. He's talking about being his kind of American citizen. Citizen Dubbio Thinck, I think. His agenda is what he was talking about. Either way his argument and studies are silly. Our school district is very caucasian. We'd not be hitting much diversity in the classroom there.

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